Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing will be limited to 10 items per sale (item=hanger, can be single item or a set placed on one hanger).  Please bring only in-season maternity clothing

  • Spring – short sleeve shirts, tanks, shorts, capri pants, jeans.
  • Fall – long & sleeve shirts, sweaters, coats,  jeans.

Remember, we are in TEXAS and it is HOT way more than it is cold!   Don’t waste your time tagging items that are not going to sell in the Spring/Summer!

  • Nursing shirts are always a hot item!
  • Belly Bands are acceptable, please hang on pant hanger.
  • NO Bathing suits, used nursing bras/underwear.

The following are examples of the types of maternity clothing that are in high demand at MamaCents Events.

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