Children’s Clothing

Do your own inspection.  This is what the MamaCents inspection team is looking for…….

  1. Clothing must not be stained, ripped or torn.
  2. Check for stains, broken zippers, missing buttons, broken snaps, torn hemlines, etc.
    • Determine if the item is worth the extra work.  (A $3 shirt from Wal-Mart may not be worth the time spent repairing or trying to get a stain out.
    • Items must be less than 5 years old and still “in fashion”. Clothing will be turned away if it is dated or too “loved”.
    • Please take time to wash items and iron your clothes if necessary.
  3. The clothing should be odor free (Please no smoky or musty smelling clothing!)
  4. No pet hair!  Clothing with pet hair will not be accepted.  If you have pets prepare your items and put them in bins or bags immediately.
    • We have volunteers, shoppers and children who are extremely allergic to animals and pet hair on clothing makes for an awful day!
  5. Use child size plastic hangers for sizes 6 and below. You may use adult size plastic hangers for sizes 8 and above, especially if an item is not staying on the child size hanger.

How to Prepare Clothing

  • Tagging guns are not allowed.  Please be sure you use Safety Pins to attach your tags.  For delicate fabrics that safety pins may leave holes in, please attach to clothing tag.
  • Wire (dry cleaning style) hangers are not accepted.  All Hangers must be plastic.  Plastic tube hangers and plastic store hangers are acceptable.
  • Clothing tags should be safety pinned with #1 Safety Pins (NO straight pins or small gold safety pins or tagging guns). Place tags on left side of each piece (see below).
  • We require that clothes be hung on hangers (clothes just do not sell in ziploc bags.
  • When the item is facing you, the hanger should look like a question mark (?), with the open-end facing to the left (see below).
Shirt_Dresses pants 2 pc set