Box Puzzles

  • Puzzles must be COMPLETE!
  • Take the puzzle out of the box and put it together.
    • Do NOT just count pieces.
    • Puzzle pieces get mixed together by little hands, and just because you have 50 pieces in the Superman box, does not mean one of those is not from the batman box.
  • Once you have put the puzzle together, immediately return pieces to box and seal the box with packing tag on the edges of the box where it was originally sealed.
    • This will keep those little hands from making any changes in the box.
  • Now when you enter your tag, you have confidence to put in (Line 2) of the description, that puzzle pieces has been verified.

Wooden Puzzles

Supplies Needed: Saran Wrap or Press N Seal, Packing Tape

  • Do not use packing tape to secure wooden pieces of puzzles down, this may destroy the puzzle picture.
  • All pieces must be included.
  • Using the saran wrap or press N Seal, cover the front of the puzzle and pull the plastic around to the back, using the packing tape seal the saran wrap.
  • Use the saran wrap will create a package type cover for the puzzle and not do any damage to the puzzle.