137Quality Standards for Shoes

  • Shoes must be in like new condition
  • Shoes must have minimal scuffing
  • Shoe soles must have minimal wear and be clean.
  • Shoes must be odor free


  • Infant and Children shoes (currently no limit)
  • Junior and Women’s shoes – Limit 5 pairs

Supplies Needed

  • Clear packing tape
  • hole punch
  • 7-10″ zip ties

Preparing shoes for consignment

To help ensure your tag stays with your shoes, and your shoes stay together…….

  • Take a piece of packing tape and reinforce the top of the tag (never cover bar code).
  • Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the tag.
  • Take a zip tie and run thru one shoe, then the punched hole and then the other shoe.
  • Re-Enforcing the tag with the packing tape and using zip ties to secure the pair of shoes, will help keep your items together.
  • Please No Zip Lock Bags!

Price shoes to sell!