Supplies Needed / Best Deals on Supplies

Supplies Needed / Best Deals on Supplies

  • Printer w/black ink
  • 65# White Card Stock
    • You can pick this up at Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot/Max
    • Colored Card Stock WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, no exceptions!
    • Printer Paper WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, regular paper tears too easy.  Your “merchandise” with “no tag” means “NO SALE”.
  • Safety Pins
    • Size 1 Safety Pins (this is the best size to use for attaching tags to clothing, to avoid creating holes or damaging clothing)
    • Size 2 or 3 Safety Pins for attaching items to hangers (such as jeans)
    • Best Deal we have found – JoAnns Fabric, Reg. Price $7 for 200 pins, print a coupon and get a better deal
    • TIP: We love the Dollar store, but DO NOT BUY Safety Pins from the dollar store, they bend and are a waste of your money, even for just $1.
  • Zip/Cable Ties
    • These are used to secure shoes, toys, etc.
    • Best Deal – Harbor Freight or Dollar Store.  Also available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.
  • Zip Loc Bags
    • Dollar Store
  • Batteries
    • Dollar Store typically has a 4 pack for $1.00
    • Ikea also has a 10 pack of AA batters that runs $1.99
  • Plastic Hangers
    • Child Sized Plastic Hangers for Sizes Infant to 6, Adult Size Hangers for Size 7-Adult.
    • Store Plastic Hangers with Wire Hook are acceptable
    • Store Plastic Hangers are acceptable
    • NO WIRE HANGERS will be accepted (dry cleaning hangers, plastic coated wire hangers, etc.)
    • BEST DEALS: Children’s Hangers in baby department at Wal-Mart (not with hangers) typically found on shelf, 10 hangers for $1