Quality Standards for Toys

  • Toys needs to be complete sets.  If you are not sure what came in the set originally search the internet.
    • If there is a missing piece, that “does not” keep the toy from being played with, note on the description line that a piece is missing.  Allowing the person who is considering purchasing it to make the decision to purchase with or without the missing piece.
    • For example: (Line 1) Fisher Price Noah’s Ark Play set.    (Line 2) Missing Noah, has 4 sets of animals
  • All battery operated toys, must have working batters.  The toy must work correctly
  • Toys must be clean!!

Supplies needed to prepare toys

  • Zip Lock Bags
  • Packing Tape
  • Zip Ties

Unacceptable Toys

  • Broken, non-working toys or toys that have been recalled.  It is the consignors responsibility to check for recalls.
  • Happy Meal Toys, “free-be” toys
  • Misc. bags of toys, will not be accepted.  Bags of toys need to be a theme, “bag of dinosaurs”, bag of cars, bag of barbie clothes.