Our Quality Standards & Procedures

Please take the time to review this information carefully, even if you’ve consigned with us before we sometimes have to make a few changes. This will save you time and ensure you make the most of your sales. Pay careful attention to these guidelines.

  • No Wire Hangers accepted.
  • Clothing MUST BE free of stains, tears, excessive wear, smell fresh, and be a current style.
  • Please zip zippers, button buttons, and snap snaps (all should be in working order).
  • Wash and hang clothing. We require that clothes be hung on hangers. When the item is facing you, the hanger should look like a question mark (?), with the open-end facing to the left.
  • Toys, puzzles, games and videos must be 100% complete and in good working condition. Please verify all pieces are included and indicate on your item tag that you have verified.
  • Attach matching socks and tights to the appropriate outfit.
  • Clothing tags should be safety pinned with Size 1 Safety pins (NO straight pins or small gold safety pins or tagging guns).
  • Consider putting together sets made up of tops and bottoms and price accordingly. Make sure your pieces are secured at least 1 point with a safety pin to insure they will not get separated and put in lost and found. Please do not layer your sets (hang bottoms behind top).
  • All shoes needs to be in excellent condition! Shoes need to be tied or clipped together with the tag pinned or taped to the pair. If your shoes can possibly be zip tied at any point, then this is best. Put a piece of packing tape in the corner of tag and punch a hole. Thread your zip tie through the tag and then attach to shoes. Please do not bring them in their original box or in a bag.
  • Please make sure that when you enter your items that you indicate if you want the item discounted or donated if not sold.
  • Minimum price is $2.00 for anything consigned. Please put dollar items in sets to equal $2.00.
  • All tags must be on White Cardstock with black ink- Tags on paper, stickers, or printed with ink that is too light or any color other than black will not be accepted.
  • All items should be in gender and size order for drop off.

Pattern of 10

Due to an increase in inventory and inspection time restrictions, we will be implementing our new “Patterns of 10” ™ rule during inspections. This means that if an inspector notices a “pattern of 10” ™ stained, too worn, etc. items while inspecting your inventory, the remainder of the items will be returned to the consignor. The consignor is expected to go through their inventory again to check for unacceptable items. After the consignor reviews the inventory, the inspector will inspect the remaining items. If another “pattern of 10” ™ is noticed, the remaining inventory will be returned to the consignor as “unacceptable.” Please, double & triple check your inventory at home, so that inspections will continue to run fast & smooth.