Baby Items/Equipment/Furniture “Mama Land”

Baby Items/Equipment such as cribs, pack-n-plays, high chairs, swings, jumparoos, exercausers, strollers,  bassinet’s, changing tables, bouncy seats, etc.

Cleaning Equipment

Scrub all large infant equipment.  Be sure to remove all stuck food and wash all removable cloth covers (high chairs, jumperaoos, exercausers, swings, bouncy seats all have removable covers).  Clean and bleach stained safety belts.  Items that are excessively stained or have dried food and milk will not be accepted.

Working Condition/Good Batteries

Make sure all large items are clean and in working condition. Equipment requiring batteries MUST have working batteries.   These items will be checked before they are accepted.   Use new batteries! New mama are checking out your baby equipment for purchase, if they are looking at a baby swing and it is moving very slow because the batteries are almost dead, the new mama will not know if this is a bad swing or bad batteries.  This could be the reason your items does not sale!

Set Up

All items must be set up for inspection and display.  You are required to set these items up (such as Pack-n-Plays, Cribs, etc. so plan enough time to complete this task).  We will have basic tools available for you to borrow.


All large items that can not be carried while shopping, will need a “large item tag”.  Once items re inspected and accepted, we will provide you with a large item tag, so please do not zip tie your tags to these large items (except strollers, as they can be pushed while shopping).  This allows shoppers to remove part of the tag and continue shopping.


Be sure to check for recalls on your baby equipment.