What is a Check In Time?

All consignors must sign up for a Check In Time (sometimes referred to as “Drop-Off”).  This is your designated time to bring your prepared items for inspection.  Inspections typically take 15-30 minutes for 100 items, if you have more than 100 items, additional time may be required.  You are asked to wait in the designated waiting area, while your inspection is being completed.  You are not allowed to oversee the inspection, this is distracting for the inspector.

What happens at inspection?

MamaCents typically has 30,000-40,000 items entered into our inventory system for each sales event.  So, with that much merchandise, we have to make sure that only “the best” merchandise is making it on to the sales floor.  Our shoppers have high expectations and this is where we do our best to meet those expectations.  Our inspectors, who are tenured volunteers will inspect each of your items to ensure they meet the MamaCents quality standards and guidelines.

My merchandise was rejected, WHY?

Please do not be offended if you have items returned to you.  Our inspectors have a knack for finding the spots, flaws, tears, rips, missing buttons/snaps that even the most dedicated mama can overlook.  This is why they hold the position of inspector.  MamaCents wants to make sure that our merchandise is the very best merchandise for our own shopping experience as well as other shoppers.  No one wants to look thru a rack of clothes to find spot after spot.  Please use the inspection as a learning experience, many items can be fixed at our complimentary “Fix-It Table” or repaired at home and brought back to the next sale.     However, our inspectors are human and occasionally an item will make it to the floor with a flaw, if you find something that should not be on the floor, please feel free to bring the item to a volunteer who will pass it along to the manager on duty.  Thank You for helping us make “Our Sale” the best it can be!