How to consign

Simple Steps: How do I consign my items?

  1. Register online for a 4-digit consignor number (returning consignors use the same login as last time).
  2. Sort through your belongings.  Find items in excellent condition to prepare for the sale.
  3. Enter items in the inventory system (price, description, donate, discount). 
  4. Print and tag items per our guidelines.
  5. Choose a Check-In time to drop-off your items for inspection.

Acceptance Policy

MamaCents Consignment Events reserves the right to reject any item that does not meet our acceptance policy and sale guidelines.  Our goal is to conduct a sale that is known for quality at a great price. We will not sacrifice the quality of the sale by accepting items that have defects such as stains, tears, or broken and missing pieces.  Please do not bring items that do not meet these guidelines. We thank you for choosing to consign with us and we appreciate your cooperation with our policy.


The better an item looks, the faster it will sell. A quick spin in the washer and a touch up with the iron will make clothing items more appealing to sale shoppers. Please remember to hang all clothing with the hanger open to the left, making a question mark. For non-clothing items, a little cleaning can go a long way to making you more money. A little soap and water can make a big difference in whether an items sells or not.

What can I sell?

Not Accepted/Sold

Preparing Items

Safety First