Not accepted/sold

Items NOT accepted or sold

      • Cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 may not be resold.  Drop side cribs.
      • Used potty chairs, portable potties, toilet seats, diaper disposals
      • Used underwear (new in package acceptable)
      • Women’s Items, Limited to 20 pieces, 5 shoes, 5 accessories (no jewelry)
      • Stuffed animals, unless battery operated
      • Used pacifiers, bottles, nipples, sippy cups , eating utensils or other feeding gear.
      • Hospital diaper bags (given away at hospital or doctors office)
      • Hospital Receiving Blankets, Hospital Baby Hats
      • Car Seats
      • Stroller and Infant Carrier Combo’s.  (Cannot accept the car seat)
      • Destination T-Shirts (such as Cancun, Sea World, Arizona, YMCA, Schools, etc.
        (Texas Professional Sports acceptable, Disney World without year are acceptable)
      • VHS Tapes
      • Recalled Items “Search Here
      • Other items as determined by the inspection team.