Why Consign?

Become a MamaCents Consignor

Finding “hidden treasure” within their homes, closets and attics, our Mamas easily resell the best of their “just like new” items. The extra cash gives them more to spend at our events or savings for a rainy day. You can do it too.

MamaCents vs. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores rarely take everything that you need to sell and pay you just pennies for your merchandise.  MamaCents will inspect and accept all of your quality merchandise.  We allow our Mamas to decide what they need or want to purchase.  (Merchandise must meet quality standards and be on the accepted items list).

Is there anything better than making easy money on things you no longer use?

Almost instant gratification! Checks are mailed to you just 10 business days after the event ends.   What doesn’t sell, you can donate or take home to sell at our next event (no need to re-tag, just transfer your items to the next sale).