What is a MamaCents?  MamaCents is an organized consignment event that provides an opportunity for moms to SELL and BUY gently used children’s/maternity/women’s clothing, toys, baby equipment, books, videos, furniture and more!

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate! All you need to do is have at least 15 good, clean items to take part in the sale.

How do I get to shop early?
As a volunteer, you will be able to shop before the public is admitted. There is nothing as exciting as having first “dibs” on our high quality inventory.

Do I have to actually be at the event to sell?
No, once you have dropped off your tagged and hung gently used items we do everything for you. Your items are inspected, and we merchandise them to sell.  Looks like a fabulous department store when we are finished.

How do I register?
You will then enter your information to register and create your account and login for the sale.  Click here to go to the registration page.

Does it cost anything to consign?
There is an upfront $10 registration fee that you pay when you register.   Fee increase to $15 the last week of registration.

What is the registration fee for? The registration fee helps to pay for the rental of the venue, the cost to rent the equipment and software used for running the consignment sale, advertising and the supplies required to set up the sale (racks, tables), etc.

What percentage will I earn? Consignor base percentage is 65% but can be increased up to 70% by volunteering for two complete 4 hour shifts.